Brilliant Show Shanghai Car Ads

A very special client of ours had an idea that was big for us, and not too big. In fact, it was a challenge of exactly the right size since we were looking for a customer that would like to make it big!

We were approached by the amazing Show Shanghai company that wanted to promote Shanghai nightlife. As our readers might be already imagining, to advertise such a huge and brilliant city is not an easy task with limited car ad space. Traditionally such ads would be taken care of, with huge billboards and such. But now, we started looking for a way to bring that same effect through a smaller medium such as cars, vans and smaller trucks.

To add to the mix, we had experience of the amazing nightlife scene in the city. Knowing that, made us dream even bigger than we had ever before.

Show Shanghai Nightlife Ad

This is what we came up with, an ad the glows in the night just as the city of Shanghai. Also we wanted to cover larger portions of the car to make it look bigger, and so we did. We realised that all you need to do is expand your thinking and so will the advertisement. The clue is in combining different smaller ideas, that together create huge ideas. Ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the people, and with the case of the Show Shanghai project we achieved this goal better than ever before.

From the small outlined details, to the accurate small cuttings that cover wider portions of the vehicle.. this for us was a piece of art. One that we are very proud of, and think that the nightlife in Shanghai will be well presented. In it’s proud and majestic manner that it was suppose to.

But remembering that we will always improve and never be too satisfied in order to drop out motivation to do so. If you have any ideas, or just appraisal as usual we would be very glad to hear about it!

Good night, America, Good night Shanghai!

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