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Trusting Car Part Reviews on Amazon

I wanted to take the opportunity and discuss this issue for those online shoppers who are planning to grab their purchases at the popular Amazon store. Having seen the industry develop for many years, without a doubt the collection of parts has grown tremendously. You can get almost any part, for any car if you have the patience to browse through the huge collection. I know not all are crazy about Amazon, because it does have it’s weak side. Also, with so much competition going on, there are a lot of people greedy for money. As for the positive side, free home delivery, as well as super fast and cheap are qualities which make it the best online option available today.

As mentioned in the topic, one of the problems I have with it is the review system. Where anyone, even if it’s not a verified purchase can make them.. thus making it vulnerable to some kind of cheating. After quite some research I found a thorough article which answers the question “can you trust Amazon reviews” in detail. Turns out that pretty much any time you want to know if to purchase a product or not, it’s better to identify the quality of the reviews.

I must say, that after reading the article about fake, and trusted amazon reviews, I feel very confident about shopping there. So I strongly encourage to read it and to absorb every bit of it. Because if car parts are fake or bad quality, it can cost your life at worst. In the meantime, if you have the money.. going for a chat to support your local car part store is also a viable option indeed!

As a side note, I did a bit of a calculation on how much would it cost to buy all the gear for the transmission replacement. Turns out that buying all that stuff from Amazon was about $400 cheaper than getting it from a local shop. Now that is something to think about! If it’s a good thing for this planet or not, I am not so sure about. But if you don’t have much money and don’t want to get bankrupted.. it’s pretty much the only way.

Yours Sincerely, Manager, Justin Calvo

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Novel Recipes for Success from Beijing

First of all, our new car brand campaign has been a great success. We are looking forward to working with all the new customers. Exiting times are ahead of us. We are here to solve your problems, and if we don’t make it we consider ourselves as failed. We are very confident with our service, yet we always strive to improve. We also accept the fact, that there will be times when we fail. And for that, we can only blame ourselves, not having absorbed all the necessary information to find a key for particular success.

To expand we listen to stories, to customers and to other businesses who have experiences. Especially we look for different kinds of experiences, not just from the United States but from all over the world. For us, it’s been our secret sauce of how we have grown this much in such a short time. The ride has not been an easy one!

While one would expect that some of the most important success stories would be found in your own homeland, we have found that the way to reach an advantage over competitors is to go overseas. Increasingly we have traveled, while at times just for enjoying the benefits of our success. Other times in search for clues and ideas from the vast ocean of mixed culture. But sometimes, the two become combined in very surprising ways.

This particular story takes us to the fantastic capital of China, Beijing. We have told you about it before, and we just cannot be silent and need to express even more. Since a lot of the advertising material is made in China, we also head down that way to meet manufacturers and other businesses. But since we have visited Beijing so often, even before we arrive we are filled with excitement of knowing that we are going to learn something new. In particular, something new that there is no way to anticipate.

Our recent trip went very smoothly, and our business partner took us to see the great show at Chaoyang Theatre in the mysterious world of acrobatic performance in Beijing. Earlier in the day, we had went to visit one of the new state of the art factories that was just on the outskirts of the city. We were especially satisfied how modern technology had been used to also improve to working conditions there. The day went very well, and we felt like honour guests being treated in such good manner.

Performing Acrobats at Chaoyang Theatre

The business partner in question, said that he had something in store for us that would make us forget about car advertising and enjoy a little. Something that we could take home as a good memory. So our driver simply took us to an unknown destination in Beijing, dropped us off and there it was! A big building, that was obviously a theatre of somekind, with lights flashing and a huge crowd trying to enter through the door.

On the front of the building, it said “Acrobatic Macrocosm” and soon we learned that this was the famous Chaoyang Theatre that everyone has talked about. And we did not have to enter through the crowded front door, instead we entered from the back with VIP tickets that were all organised for us. We seemed to be a little late, not exactly on schedule. So as soon as we were seated the acrobatic show started! With intense music, a huge crowd of acrobats entered the stage. Jumping huge leaps, throwing hats around the stage in a hectic but extremely balanced manner. These people were so skilful that I just knew that there is nothing like this, back in the states. I was almost out of breath when the performance finished, and hundreds of actors came on stage for the last bow. The crowd was cheering and everyone felt connected.

That really made us not just think with our brains, but feel with our hearts. How such a huge spectacle can bring people together, in such a fantastic way! Not just the theatre, but also in the whole of China you have this feeling of unity that doesn’t exist in the states, at least not that strongly.

This made us think, if it’s not just Chaoyang district that stays together in unity. But the whole of China. Then how can we benefit from that in the US. I am sure, that there is a person inside all of us that would wish things to be more so. Yet, that’s what our business is already accomplishing. Bringing together businesses and customers with car ads, in unity. Just to realize that made me a happier person.

With that philosophy from the acrobatic show, I want to create something cool that’s never seen before! A new recipe for success!

Let’s get enlightened & thank you for reading my blog!
Best regards, Justin Calvo.

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