First Series of Stories from Beijing to NY

I am proud to say, that my store request has yielded results. We have gotten some replies from some of our dear readers. I must say, that the results were rather unexpected. But that is really the excitement in my field of business. You never know what to except and it’s a constant learning experience. Every single client is different, with different needs. But also, it’s important to study and understand their backgrounds in order to give the outstanding service we aspire to do. And that’s one of the reasons why I opened this opportunity for people to raise a voice. Not only for their benefit, but especially for the learning experience of our company as well as other potential advertisers out there.

A Chinese man, known as Zhen Hu who runs a successful business in performing arts, such as Beijing Opera Theatre, has recently contact me about their experience. I was not surprise to hear, that their campaigns have been largely successful. We’ve had a lot of theatre clients in the past, and seems that they are very suitable for these kinds of car advertisements. Probably because they are in the field of leisure, it is something that attracts people who are sitting in cars, waiting in long queues and so forth.

But their story started in Beijing, China where they already had plenty of experience with varying results. In China, the medium mostly used was taxies as they are running constantly in the Beijing streets. Opera is very popular in the country and many people know about it and look for offers and special events. However in the case of Huguang Guild Hall being already famous was difficult to increase their clients.

Later, doing some opera shows in the United States, namely in New York.. they discovered that this was the perfect opportunity for car advertising. Their theatre performance was virtually unknown, yet it did not take long for them to become very known amongst theatre goers in New York.

As to why they were so largely successful was not just the medium, but also the location. By using taxies and other transportation vehicles they could pinpoint the location on around and nearby famous theatre districts. Especially that of broadway. Brilliant isn’t it. Just want of the amazing perks of car ads. Huguang Guild Hall has become a known brand of Beijing Opera ever sense. As well as helped to bring the knowledge about “Peking Opera” to the states.

Hope you liked it,
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Auto Body Repair Technology: Textbook Answers to All Editions

Considered a must for anyone interested in auto repair, I found “Auto Body Repair Technology” well illustrated and extremely informative.

And the best way to study the material for my auto repair course was having the solutions together with textbook answers.

Please, read this post on textbook answers for the best way to get step-by-step solutions for all editions, to really understand each problem.

Also the same worked for the “Auto fundamentals” textbook.

Auto Body Repair Technology

Textbook answers and guided solutions for:

Auto Body Repair Technology

By James E. Duffy, 6thth edition and others.

Very detailed and scientific textbook to answer all questions for professional and amateur auto repair. Works best in combination with hands-on technician training to complement your studies. Easy to comprehend and recommended, worth the higher price tag (also available used from the site linked to above).

Auto Fundamentals

By Chris Johanson & Martin Stockel, 11th edition and others.

Textbook published by Goodheart-Willcox and in common use in schools. Contains good illustrations and explains the fundamentals to automotive systems and auto engineering. Not as good as the “Auto Body Repair Technology” textbook but if you need to pass the exam and get homework done.. get the answer and solutions for improved learning.

Hope that helped out.

What’s your experience with auto repair books?
Let us know in the comments, please.

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Chinese Golden Mask Show Coming to America

We just love to showcase our customers and their work, I mean why not. They provide a great resource and source of inspiration to our clients. There can never be enough emphasis on the fact, that there is no limit to the kind of clients we get. But our favorites, and one that we have become a sort of expert on is broadway, and the performing arts. Especially when we have an opportunity to introduce a company that is a newcomer in the American show scene. Well, that is just simply very exiting for us of course. This time, our great pleasure is to introduce a famous show throughout China and perhaps in the very near future in America as well. Thanks to us we like to believe! What is known as the Golden Mask Dynasty Show in Beijing, is going to debut it’s new show in New York. With unbelievable effects, from life sized water falls to huge constructions to facilitate the performance, it’s going to be a sure hit for those who like big productions. Naturally, the car ads have been loud and proud with a clear message of whats to come in the near future.

Golden Mask Dynasty Waterfall Scene

As has become clear form our previous posts, we have been a lot visiting Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and even lately a famous place called Xian. Learning as we go, looking for great customers that can benefit from our service. Now with the abundancy of people learning the huge benefits of car ads, the abundant customer base has been more than enough for us. Luckily so, every once in a while we had a change to broaden our customer base. Not everyone can be successful in this field, and that’s why we have started to choose our customers instead of them choosing us. While it has been a dramatic change in the selective process, we feel it’s necessary for us to concentrate best on what we do really well. That also comes with what we most enjoy to do as well, as naturally those interests are going to get top priority and the best changes for success.

That being said, we have absolutely fell in love with the show scene. Now mainly concentrating from productions coming from China, but looking for many more productions from other countries too. The Chinese playing field is just tremendously fruitfull with loads of production companies that don’t fear to stand out and invest on their future. Such is the case of OCT Theatre, which is run behind the great Beijing Happy Valley concept. A well known amusement park that has decided to expand it’s horizons with the fantastic show that tells the story of the Golden Mask Dynasty. While not as famous as the acrobatics of Chaoyang Theatre, we feel that this show in Beijing has the best potential in terms of it’s future. Luckily so, they don’t have any problems with budgeting and are backed up by companies that can lift their skill to the appriciation that they deserve. Do check their web page to learn more about their awesome show concept, or you may also just head on to the Happy Valley park if you are in China yourself.

adsoncar manager,
Justin Calvo

Trusting Car Part Reviews on Amazon

I wanted to take the opportunity and discuss this issue for those online shoppers who are planning to grab their purchases at the popular Amazon store. Having seen the industry develop for many years, without a doubt the collection of parts has grown tremendously. You can get almost any part, for any car if you have the patience to browse through the huge collection. I know not all are crazy about Amazon, because it does have it’s weak side. Also, with so much competition going on, there are a lot of people greedy for money. As for the positive side, free home delivery, as well as super fast and cheap are qualities which make it the best online option available today.

As mentioned in the topic, one of the problems I have with it is the review system. Where anyone, even if it’s not a verified purchase can make them.. thus making it vulnerable to some kind of cheating. After quite some research I found a thorough article which answers the question “can you trust Amazon reviews” in detail. Turns out that pretty much any time you want to know if to purchase a product or not, it’s better to identify the quality of the reviews.

I must say, that after reading the article about fake, and trusted amazon reviews, I feel very confident about shopping there. So I strongly encourage to read it and to absorb every bit of it. Because if car parts are fake or bad quality, it can cost your life at worst. In the meantime, if you have the money.. going for a chat to support your local car part store is also a viable option indeed!

As a side note, I did a bit of a calculation on how much would it cost to buy all the gear for the transmission replacement. Turns out that buying all that stuff from Amazon was about $400 cheaper than getting it from a local shop. Now that is something to think about! If it’s a good thing for this planet or not, I am not so sure about. But if you don’t have much money and don’t want to get bankrupted.. it’s pretty much the only way.

Yours Sincerely, Manager, Justin Calvo

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Novel Recipes for Success from Beijing

First of all, our new car brand campaign has been a great success. We are looking forward to working with all the new customers. Exiting times are ahead of us. We are here to solve your problems, and if we don’t make it we consider ourselves as failed. We are very confident with our service, yet we always strive to improve. We also accept the fact, that there will be times when we fail. And for that, we can only blame ourselves, not having absorbed all the necessary information to find a key for particular success.

To expand we listen to stories, to customers and to other businesses who have experiences. Especially we look for different kinds of experiences, not just from the United States but from all over the world. For us, it’s been our secret sauce of how we have grown this much in such a short time. The ride has not been an easy one!

While one would expect that some of the most important success stories would be found in your own homeland, we have found that the way to reach an advantage over competitors is to go overseas. Increasingly we have traveled, while at times just for enjoying the benefits of our success. Other times in search for clues and ideas from the vast ocean of mixed culture. But sometimes, the two become combined in very surprising ways.

This particular story takes us to the fantastic capital of China, Beijing. We have told you about it before, and we just cannot be silent and need to express even more. Since a lot of the advertising material is made in China, we also head down that way to meet manufacturers and other businesses. But since we have visited Beijing so often, even before we arrive we are filled with excitement of knowing that we are going to learn something new. In particular, something new that there is no way to anticipate.

Our recent trip went very smoothly, and our business partner took us to see the great show at Chaoyang Theatre in the mysterious world of acrobatic performance in Beijing. Earlier in the day, we had went to visit one of the new state of the art factories that was just on the outskirts of the city. We were especially satisfied how modern technology had been used to also improve to working conditions there. The day went very well, and we felt like honour guests being treated in such good manner.

Performing Acrobats at Chaoyang Theatre

The business partner in question, said that he had something in store for us that would make us forget about car advertising and enjoy a little. Something that we could take home as a good memory. So our driver simply took us to an unknown destination in Beijing, dropped us off and there it was! A big building, that was obviously a theatre of somekind, with lights flashing and a huge crowd trying to enter through the door.

On the front of the building, it said “Acrobatic Macrocosm” and soon we learned that this was the famous Chaoyang Theatre that everyone has talked about. And we did not have to enter through the crowded front door, instead we entered from the back with VIP tickets that were all organised for us. We seemed to be a little late, not exactly on schedule. So as soon as we were seated the acrobatic show started! With intense music, a huge crowd of acrobats entered the stage. Jumping huge leaps, throwing hats around the stage in a hectic but extremely balanced manner. These people were so skilful that I just knew that there is nothing like this, back in the states. I was almost out of breath when the performance finished, and hundreds of actors came on stage for the last bow. The crowd was cheering and everyone felt connected.

That really made us not just think with our brains, but feel with our hearts. How such a huge spectacle can bring people together, in such a fantastic way! Not just the theatre, but also in the whole of China you have this feeling of unity that doesn’t exist in the states, at least not that strongly.

This made us think, if it’s not just Chaoyang district that stays together in unity. But the whole of China. Then how can we benefit from that in the US. I am sure, that there is a person inside all of us that would wish things to be more so. Yet, that’s what our business is already accomplishing. Bringing together businesses and customers with car ads, in unity. Just to realize that made me a happier person.

With that philosophy from the acrobatic show, I want to create something cool that’s never seen before! A new recipe for success!

Let’s get enlightened & thank you for reading my blog!
Best regards, Justin Calvo.

Transmission Replacement: What You Need To Know.

So Murphy’s Law has caught up with you; your cranky transmission has finally broken down altogether- just at the moment you can least afford it.  The cost estimates from your local repair shops give you nightmares; your next pay check is two weeks away, and even if you wanted to go with the lowest estimate (from Acme Transmission Repairs) of 6-8 hours of labor at $120 p/ h, plus the cost of the transmission, you just know you are not going to be able to make ends meet next month of you do go with Acme Transmission Repairs, or anybody else, for that matter.

What to do? Do you buy a used transmission form the local junk yard, or do you spend more on a rebuilt unit? While used transmissions can usually be had for only a few hundred dollars, you never know what you are getting; for all you know it may be in a worse condition than the one in your car- the one that left you stranded on the highway in rush hour traffic.

Rebuilt transmissions on the other hand, are always significantly more expensive, but they also always come with a warranty that goes way beyond anything the junk yard is likely to give you, which makes a rebuilt unit the better choice by far. If money, or the lack of it was not an issue, you could off course turn the problem over to Acme Transmission Repairs but in this case, money is an issue, and you must consider the possibility of replacing the transmission yourself.

However, the most you have ever done on your car is replace the brake pads, and the prospect of having to remove the transmission is a daunting one to say the least. Well, it looks far more difficult than it actually is, and while this article cannot provide detailed instructions for the removal of all transmissions from all cars, the procedure is much the same in all cases.

All you need is a basic mechanical aptitude, full sets of wrenches and sockets that fit your car, a good repair manual, and the determination to do it yourself. However, not even the best repair manuals tell you all you need to know, so read on, and we will guide you through the process of a transmission replacement.

Required Tools.

You do not need a truck load of tools to replace a transmission, so if you not have full sets of wrenches and sockets, you can buy what you need for about $200-$250, which is about the same amount you would spend on a couple of hours of labor at Acme Transmission repairs. Most auto parts shops sell tools of reasonable quality, and unless you buy the cheapest brands, you will have them for many years to come. You will need the following:

  • A good repair manual for your car. Get one that includes step-by-step pictures- even if the pictures do not always tell the full story, they are invaluable nevertheless.
  • A set of wrenches from ¼” to 1¼” to fit American cars, or a set from 6mm to 32mm for European cars. Make sure the wrenches are open ended on one side, and ringed on the other.
  • A set of sockets in the same sizes, but with a ½” drive, which is the size across the flats if the square hole in the back of the socket. Make sure the socket set includes at least one 12”-long extension bar.
  • A set of suitable Allen wrenches since on some cars, the brake callipers, and some suspension components require the use of Allen wrenches for disassembly.
  • An engine holder. This is an essential  device to which you attach the engine on front wheel drive cars, and from which the engine hangs when cross members and engine mounts are removed. A proper engine holder is also adjustable, a feature that allows you to adjust the angle between engine and transmission when the time comes to mate the transmission to the engine on re-assembly.
  • If your car is a front-wheel drive, measure the nut in the centre of the hub across its flat sides. This nut holds the CV joint in place, and you need a socket to remove it. Buy this socket if it is not included in the socket set- which is entirely possible.
  • A couple of 8”-long flat and Phillips screw drivers.
  • A trolley jack that is rated for at least 2 tons. Some equipment hire establishments hire them out by the day for a small fee.
  • Four adjustable jack stands rated at 2 tons. If you cannot hire them, look for them on EBay. You should be able to get four at considerably less than $100. These are essential since you need to get the car at least 24-30 inches off the ground. Never use bricks, logs, plastic crates, or anything else but proper jack stands to support the car.
  • A container to hold the transmission fluid when you drain it. Old plastic one-gallon oil cans with one flat side cut out work great, but ensure it has its screw-on lid, or most of the fluid will end up on your paving.

Other Essentials.

  • Old clothes, since this is a messy job. Also, hire an assistant if you cannot commandeer one- a transmission is heavy and unbalanced, which makes it necessary to have an extra pair of hands to help with the heavy lifting once you are ready to separate the transmission from the engine. Make sure the assistant has old, disposable clothes as well.
  • A clean tarpaulin to lie on under the car if you do not have a mechanic’s crawler.
  • A clean, dry, level surface such as a garage floor, or a level paved surface. Do not work on sand, since there is no way to prevent sand and dirt getting into places where it will cause damage later on.
  • A clean one gallon bucket to hold all the bolts, nuts, screws, clips, and other stuff that you are going to remove. Place everything in the bucket as you remove it to prevent anything getting lost. (Repair manuals never tell you this.)
  • A good camera or smart phone to take as many pictures from as many angles as you can during the removal process. The pictures in the manual will only cover the main points, which means that you may be at  a loss to find holes for all the bolts and nuts that you have removed. Taking lots of your own pictures will help you in ways that no manual can, since manuals do not take into consideration the fact that the people using them might never have removed a transmission before.
  • Replacement transmission oil or fluid.
  • Lots of old rags to wipe tools, and off course your hands.
  • Good quality hand cleaner.
  • At least one full day of free time.

Getting Down To It.

  • Something else the manual will not mention is the fact that you need to loosen the CV joint retaining nut before you even jack up the car. This nut is torqued to about 300Nm ( 221 ft/lbs), so use the weight of the car to prevent the wheel turning with the force required to loosen the nuts. You will not be able to loosen the nuts with the stuff in the socket set alone, so slide a length of steel pipe over the T-bar in the set to increase the leverage until the nut is freed. Do not use a torque wrench to loosen these nuts- you will almost certainly damage it beyond repair.
  • Retain the steel pipe- you will need it to retighten the retaining nuts on reassembly, but if you have access to a torque wrench, use it to re-torque the nuts to their specified values. Only use the pipe as a last resort!
  • A good manual will tell you where the jacking points on your car are. Never use other points, and never place the jack stands under the floor boards, or other soft points. Place the stands under hard points such as cross members, and ensure the car cannot slide off them when you remove the jack.
  • From this point on, you should be able to remove everything that is in the way of getting at the transmission. However, it is critically important to follow the instructions in the manual exactly to prevent damaging anything. For instance, if the manual says to remove the battery, do so in the manner prescribed because if you do not, you could easily short out live wiring- with possible fatal consequences for the electrical system.
  • Perform all steps in the exact order they are described in the manual, but remember that on older cars, some, if not all fasteners may never have been removed, which means that they may not be as easy to remove as the manual says. However, do not use excessive force- prevent skinned knuckles, broken fingers, or worse, a damaged nut or bolt head that may be impossible to remove because of the damage to it by taking it easy, and supplying force gradually until the fastener loosens.
  • Repair manuals always make things look easier than they really are, and unless you have some experience in transmission removals, you are bound to run into snags. Confined spaces, tools that seem too big to fit into them, and wiring, pipes, hoses, and suspension components that are in your way can make things difficult, which is why it is important to follow the directions in the manual exactly. Deviating from the order of things and taking short cuts will not help you in any way- all it will do is make an already difficult job even more so.
  • After about four hours or so, you should now be ready to remove the transmission from the car. However, be prepared for the weight of it as it separates from the engine. Repair manuals are usually silent on this, so place an old tire (without the rim) under the transmission to prevent damage if it should slip from your grasp and fall to the ground. With the help of your assistant, lower the transmission onto the tire, but beware of sharp edges that could leave you bleeding, which is another thing that repair manuals are also silent on, so take proper care!

Putting It All Back Together.

Your manual will probably say something silly like “ Re-assemble all parts  in the reverse order of removal.” At first reading, this might seem like a reasonable statement, but don’t be fooled. Unless you have some experience in this field, you will find that putting cars together is several times more difficult than taking them apart, which is where the pictures you took during removal come into play, but there are a few more things to remember, such as:

  • The replacement transmission will have no oil or fluid in it. So to make things easier, identify the filler plug and loosen it before you fit the unit, but do not fill the transmission at this point. In some cars, removing the filler plug is extremely difficult with the transmission in place, so by loosening it beforehand, you save yourself a bit of trouble, and the possibility of damaging the plug later on. However, make doubly sure you tighten the plug after having filled the transmission with the correct grade, and amount of lubricant.
  • When mating the transmission to the engine, make sure the mating surfaces are in full contact before tightening any bolts or other fasteners. On manual transmissions, the clutch plate can suffer serious, if not irreparable damage if the input shaft does not enter the hub in the plate cleanly, and attempting to “pull” the transmission into place by tightening fasteners prematurely can destroy the clutch.
  • On automatic transmissions, you have to keep the torque converter on the input shaft at all   times to prevent damage to the oil seal between converter and input shaft. Manuals do not always explain this, so if needs be, place the transmission on the trolley jack to prevent jerking movements that could dislodge the torque converter. By raising the transmission with the jack, while at the same time adjusting the angle of the engine by manipulating the engine holder, the transmission and engine can be brought into contact without damage to the oils seals.
  • Although most repair manuals are adamant that all fasteners should be torqued to specified values, the fact is that it is not always possible to do this. Even if you have access to a toque wrench, the confined spaces in modern cars more often than not, makes it impossible to even reach some bolts and nuts with a torque wrench. While all accessible fasteners should certainly be torqued, those that are not should be screwed down as tightly as possible- without damaging their threads.
  • If this is your first transmission job, take things slowly, and consult the manual with every step. It is also important to double check each step to ensure you have not missed anything on the one hand, and that you have properly tightened all fasteners on the other. The best way to do this is to insert and fasten one bolt or nut at a time before moving onto the next. This way you will not forget anything, and you will thus not have any parts or fasteners left over after when you are done.
  • On a front wheel drive car, you will have had to disassemble the brakes to remove the drive shafts, so before you re-assemble the brakes, make sure your hands are free of oil and grease to prevent contamination of the friction surfaces. There is little point in spending a day or more replacing a transmission only to end up with no brakes because of oil and grease contamination.
  • On a rear wheel drive vehicle, make absolutely sure you replace the bolts holding the driveshaft to the differential flange the right way round. If you get this wrong, the bolts can work themselves loose, with very serious consequences should the drive shaft detach itself from the differential.  Consult the manual, or even better, take your own pictures before you start disassembling anything.

And There You Have It…

Congratulations! You have achieved no small thing by successfully replacing a transmission, and provided you followed the instructions in the manual exactly, you should now have a fully operational vehicle with no parts or fasteners left over.  Moreover, you will have saved several hundred dollars in labor costs, but  to prevent a repeat of the above process, there are some  things to keep in mind when it comes to caring for your new transmission, such as the following:

  • Rebuilt transmissions are not necessarily leak proof, so be on the lookout for oil stains on the ground where you normally park. If you become aware of oil leaks, contact the supplier immediately, and do not drive the vehicle until the issue has been resolved.
  • If the new transmission is noisy in any way, or does not shift smoothly, contact the supplier and do not drive the vehicle until the transmission has been inspected professionally. There is no such thing a “breaking in” period for transmissions- if it is noisy or has shifting issues, there is something wrong with it, and it must be replaced. Transmissions do not “loosen up after a while”, so do not fall for this excuse.
  • On some automatic cars, there may now be some illuminated warning lights on the dash board. This is not necessarily a problem, since some management systems register the fact that certain electrical connections had been undone. Simply take the car to a reputable repair shop to have the lights turned off with suitable diagnostic equipment.

Happy driving!

Future of Car Advertising

In recent times, we have been flooded with overwhelming amounts of request to hook up drivers with potentials to earn money through car ads. Unfortunately we are sorry to say that it has over exceeded our capacity to deal with all of our clients. That’s why we have provided links to other services and resources for those who want to find more possibilities. Some companies even provide options to drive a free car but this is not exactly the kind of service we aspire to provide. Therefore we recognise that the needs of each individual is different, yet on the down side it’s difficult to give such excellent service to everyone interested.

Our temporary solution has been to put some of our clients on a waiting list, and all of those who have not received a reply from us we sincerely apologise for it. It does not mean that our customers would not be important to us, quite the opposite. Especially in this industry, there are a lot of shady players whom which we would never support. So when looking for other options beyond this website at, we strongly encourage you to take caution and do your research.

For the moment, if nothing else we wish that this will be a useful resource for those who are looking for information related to the subject of car ads. At the moment we are looking for new partners to set out a broader and more extensive future for our car advertising business. But especially for us with years of experience, finding the perfect part is definitely not easy. We do not tolerate unhappy customers and seek to do our best in serving them in an honest and realistic way.

Stay tuned for more insight of making money on the road. Thanks!

adsoncar manager,
Justin Calvo

New Car Brand Campaign

We want to put forth another good idea to the folks interested in car advertising. Imagine a world, where people would receive just the ads that they are interested in. Instead of overcrowding the senses with too many ads that just confuse and create negative associations. What if, you could target your ads to only those who really care and are interested them. This would make advertising a thousand times more effective, and not to mention productive to the environment and it’s resources. We have just the answer for this type of ad targeting. It’s called “Car Brand Campaign”.

Probably most drivers have noticed that every driver takes notice if the brand of car is the same as theirs. Roads are lonely places sometimes, and a surprise as the same brand or type of a car can be a delightful moment. Exactly that moment we want to catch and associate with positive thoughts towards the ads that will be displayed by those cars.

After years of extensive research, we have created basic car brand profiles, identifying the types of drivers that drive different types of cars. In this way, we can narrow down to the exact brands that are suitable for those ads. Giving you a much more detailed method of targeting your brand. Sounds great isn’t it! Best of all, we are giving a 30% off for those who want to try out our new service. So don’t hesitate to contact me, anytime! Orders accepted from 20th November 2014.

Brilliant Show Shanghai Car Ads

A very special client of ours had an idea that was big for us, and not too big. In fact, it was a challenge of exactly the right size since we were looking for a customer that would like to make it big!

We were approached by the amazing Show Shanghai company that wanted to promote Shanghai nightlife. As our readers might be already imagining, to advertise such a huge and brilliant city is not an easy task with limited car ad space. Traditionally such ads would be taken care of, with huge billboards and such. But now, we started looking for a way to bring that same effect through a smaller medium such as cars, vans and smaller trucks.

To add to the mix, we had experience of the amazing nightlife scene in the city. Knowing that, made us dream even bigger than we had ever before.

Show Shanghai Nightlife Ad

This is what we came up with, an ad the glows in the night just as the city of Shanghai. Also we wanted to cover larger portions of the car to make it look bigger, and so we did. We realised that all you need to do is expand your thinking and so will the advertisement. The clue is in combining different smaller ideas, that together create huge ideas. Ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the people, and with the case of the Show Shanghai project we achieved this goal better than ever before.

From the small outlined details, to the accurate small cuttings that cover wider portions of the vehicle.. this for us was a piece of art. One that we are very proud of, and think that the nightlife in Shanghai will be well presented. In it’s proud and majestic manner that it was suppose to.

But remembering that we will always improve and never be too satisfied in order to drop out motivation to do so. If you have any ideas, or just appraisal as usual we would be very glad to hear about it!

Good night, America, Good night Shanghai!

Flashy Truck Advertising in Tokyo

I thought I wanted to share an amazing discovery from Tokyo, Japan. Where truck ads are often used to target younger audiences. Examples as the picture below, show us how flashy they can get and certainly capture the attention of people. Especially in the crowded Shibuya crossing, which can have a thousand people waiting for the lights to turn at any given time. Obviously this particular truck passes trough there often, and is where the picture was taken.

Car Ad Truck Tokyo

Without a doubt, a billboard will never be as effective as this flashy track ad. Because trucks are rarely used in advertising. Imagine if every truck would carry an advertisement, it would not be that effective anymore. However, this is often the case with billboards. Cities are loaded with them, and people ignore them.

Of course the secret to advertising is that it’s unconscious, but what if we can create an even more conscious process out of it. Then it will be much more effective, right? Well in Tokyo, they have definitely realised this and are using this trick throughout the year.

Because simply the fact is, that most cars cannot carry advertising. This is why, car ads will remain to be a very unique and special market in the marketing world. While we are not targeting trucks that much at the moment, we hope to get more clients with such wishes. We will certainly make all our clients dreams true to our best ability!

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