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Future of Car Advertising

In recent times, we have been flooded with overwhelming amounts of request to hook up drivers with potentials to earn money through car ads. Unfortunately¬†we are sorry to say that it has over exceeded our capacity to deal with all of our clients. That’s why we have provided links to other services and resources for those who want to find more possibilities. Some companies even provide options to drive a free car but this is not exactly the kind of service we aspire to provide. Therefore we recognise that the needs of each individual is different, yet on the down side it’s difficult to give such excellent service to everyone interested.

Our temporary solution has been to put some of our clients on a waiting list, and all of those who have not received a reply from us we sincerely apologise for it. It does not mean that our customers would not be important to us, quite the opposite. Especially in this industry, there are a lot of shady players whom which we would never support. So when looking for other options beyond this website at, we strongly encourage you to take caution and do your research.

For the moment, if nothing else we wish that this will be a useful resource for those who are looking for information related to the subject of car ads. At the moment we are looking for new partners to set out a broader and more extensive future for our car advertising business. But especially for us with years of experience, finding the perfect part is definitely not easy. We do not tolerate unhappy customers and seek to do our best in serving them in an honest and realistic way.

Stay tuned for more insight of making money on the road. Thanks!

adsoncar manager,
Justin Calvo

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