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First Series of Stories from Beijing to NY

I am proud to say, that my store request has yielded results. We have gotten some replies from some of our dear readers. I must say, that the results were rather unexpected. But that is really the excitement in my field of business. You never know what to except and it’s a constant learning experience. Every single client is different, with different needs. But also, it’s important to study and understand their backgrounds in order to give the outstanding service we aspire to do. And that’s one of the reasons why I opened this opportunity for people to raise a voice. Not only for their benefit, but especially for the learning experience of our company as well as other potential advertisers out there.

A Chinese man, known as Zhen Hu who runs a successful business in performing arts, such as Beijing Opera Theatre, has recently contact me about their experience. I was not surprise to hear, that their campaigns have been largely successful. We’ve had a lot of theatre clients in the past, and seems that they are very suitable for these kinds of car advertisements. Probably because they are in the field of leisure, it is something that attracts people who are sitting in cars, waiting in long queues and so forth.

But their story started in Beijing, China where they already had plenty of experience with varying results. In China, the medium mostly used was taxies as they are running constantly in the Beijing streets. Opera is very popular in the country and many people know about it and look for offers and special events. However in the case of Huguang Guild Hall being already famous was difficult to increase their clients.

Later, doing some opera shows in the United States, namely in New York.. they discovered that this was the perfect opportunity for car advertising. Their theatre performance was virtually unknown, yet it did not take long for them to become very known amongst theatre goers in New York.

As to why they were so largely successful was not just the medium, but also the location. By using taxies and other transportation vehicles they could pinpoint the location on around and nearby famous theatre districts. Especially that of broadway. Brilliant isn’t it. Just want of the amazing perks of car ads. Huguang Guild Hall has become a known brand of Beijing Opera ever sense. As well as helped to bring the knowledge about “Peking Opera” to the states.

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