Trusting Car Part Reviews on Amazon

I wanted to take the opportunity and discuss this issue for those online shoppers who are planning to grab their purchases at the popular Amazon store. Having seen the industry develop for many years, without a doubt the collection of parts has grown tremendously. You can get almost any part, for any car if you have the patience to browse through the huge collection. I know not all are crazy about Amazon, because it does have it’s weak side. Also, with so much competition going on, there are a lot of people greedy for money. As for the positive side, free home delivery, as well as super fast and cheap are qualities which make it the best online option available today.

As mentioned in the topic, one of the problems I have with it is the review system. Where anyone, even if it’s not a verified purchase can make them.. thus making it vulnerable to some kind of cheating. After quite some research I found a thorough article which answers the question “can you trust Amazon reviews” in detail. Turns out that pretty much any time you want to know if to purchase a product or not, it’s better to identify the quality of the reviews.

I must say, that after reading the article about fake, and trusted amazon reviews, I feel very confident about shopping there. So I strongly encourage to read it and to absorb every bit of it. Because if car parts are fake or bad quality, it can cost your life at worst. In the meantime, if you have the money.. going for a chat to support your local car part store is also a viable option indeed!

As a side note, I did a bit of a calculation on how much would it cost to buy all the gear for the transmission replacement. Turns out that buying all that stuff from Amazon was about $400 cheaper than getting it from a local shop. Now that is something to think about! If it’s a good thing for this planet or not, I am not so sure about. But if you don’t have much money and don’t want to get bankrupted.. it’s pretty much the only way.

Yours Sincerely, Manager, Justin Calvo

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  1. I loved the article you linked to. It explained in great detail how you can trust or, not trust reviews. Now I can shop with confidence at Amazon. Thanks alot.

    Sincere regards,

    PS. I also love the car related articles!

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