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Auto Body Repair Technology: Textbook Answers to All Editions

Considered a must for anyone interested in auto repair, I found “Auto Body Repair Technology” well illustrated and extremely informative.

And the best way to study the material for my auto repair course was having the solutions together with textbook answers.

Please, read this post on textbook answers for the best way to get step-by-step solutions for all editions, to really understand each problem.

Also the same worked for the “Auto fundamentals” textbook.

Auto Body Repair Technology

Textbook answers and guided solutions for:

Auto Body Repair Technology

By James E. Duffy, 6thth edition and others.

Very detailed and scientific textbook to answer all questions for professional and amateur auto repair. Works best in combination with hands-on technician training to complement your studies. Easy to comprehend and recommended, worth the higher price tag (also available used from the site linked to above).

Auto Fundamentals

By Chris Johanson & Martin Stockel, 11th edition and others.

Textbook published by Goodheart-Willcox and in common use in schools. Contains good illustrations and explains the fundamentals to automotive systems and auto engineering. Not as good as the “Auto Body Repair Technology” textbook but if you need to pass the exam and get homework done.. get the answer and solutions for improved learning.

Hope that helped out.

What’s your experience with auto repair books?
Let us know in the comments, please.

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