New Car Brand Campaign

We want to put forth another good idea to the folks interested in car advertising. Imagine a world, where people would receive just the ads that they are interested in. Instead of overcrowding the senses with too many ads that just confuse and create negative associations. What if, you could target your ads to only those who really care and are interested them. This would make advertising a thousand times more effective, and not to mention productive to the environment and it’s resources. We have just the answer for this type of ad targeting. It’s called “Car Brand Campaign”.

Probably most drivers have noticed that every driver takes notice if the brand of car is the same as theirs. Roads are lonely places sometimes, and a surprise as the same brand or type of a car can be a delightful moment. Exactly that moment we want to catch and associate with positive thoughts towards the ads that will be displayed by those cars.

After years of extensive research, we have created basic car brand profiles, identifying the types of drivers that drive different types of cars. In this way, we can narrow down to the exact brands that are suitable for those ads. Giving you a much more detailed method of targeting your brand. Sounds great isn’t it! Best of all, we are giving a 30% off for those who want to try out our new service. So don’t hesitate to contact me, anytime! Orders accepted from 20th November 2014.

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